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Sample Workshop Descriptions

For more information or inquiries about our full catalog of workshops, contact us in the community engagement tab.

Creative Writing 101

Creative Writing 101 explores creative writing at the basic level. These programs examine what creative writing is, where and how it can be used within mental and emotional capacities, and how it impacts individuals and communities. This is paired with memorable activities that inspire student-artists to think critically.

Rhyme and Resistance

Rhyme and Resistance dives into social justice: studying how "rhyme", such as poetry and prose, has had an impact on resistance and change-making movements. These workshops encourage student-artists to examine the poetry of folks such as Maya Angelou and Sonya Renee Taylor. Student-artists leave with completed poems and/or short stories to share with their family and friends.

The Rennaissance
The Harlem Rennaissance

We travel back in time to explore The Renaissance of the 14th – 17th centuries and The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s and 30’s. This edition encourages students to take part in immersive and imaginative storytelling! As a class, we study what it means to “steal like an artist” and what it means to create something new from something old.

Pushing The Envelope

How far can we go when it seems as though all of society’s boundaries are set into place? We push the envelope! This workshop series is designed to engage students in practicing empathy within their writing while examining what empathy looks like within the work of others. The idea of "pushing the envelope" in this manner asks student-artists to question why society can sometimes be indifferent or lacking sympathy for others. Students take away a new hope for a more equitable society within their artistry.

Finding My Voice

In this workshop, students are tasked with finding specific topics to write about based on their own identities and social backgrounds. During an activity and for “homework”, students are challenged to find a writer who shares similar identities. Students must understand that our world is made up of a very diverse group of individuals, and yet, there is someone who can give voice to who they are regardless of differences in identity. Through this practice, students begin to recognize that their perspective matters, too.

The Elephant in the room

Often times, students don’t get the chance to truly express how they may feel. Whether it may be at home with parents and siblings, at school amongst teachers and peers, or even with friends - there is often things left unsaid. Within this workshop, we acknowledge the unspoken emotions by giving ourselves the space to write it out. We learn about journaling, storytelling, and poetry that can create a sense of safety for students who may always have an "elephant in the room" at home or at school.

Painting the Room

In this workshop series, students learn how to share their words vocally and "paint the room"! From open mics and slam poetry to simply reading aloud, students learn mindfulness, oration, bodily expression, and sharing their art on a stage. Students take turns writing their own work, reading one another’s, and studying their own movements to examine how to paint the room any color they’d like!

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