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"Mixxed Rose"

Shatara Jordan, a multi-faceted force in the world of storytelling, was born and raised in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. Her artistic journey began at the Cleveland School of Arts, where she graduated from high school, setting the stage for a remarkable career that seamlessly blends poetry, theater, film, and content creation. In 2018, while still a high school senior, Shatara showcased her abilities by writing and directing her first play at the Cleveland School of Arts. Continuing her pursuit of the arts, Shatara graduated from Cuyahoga Community College with an Associates Degree of Arts, further honing her skills and expanding her creative horizons. She is expected to have her Bachelor’s Degree in the spring of 2024. In 2022, Shatara's poetic abilities catapulted her to global recognition as the #22 Woman Poet in the world. This ranking was achieved after her compelling performance at the international poetry slam, Womxn of the World Poetry Slam.


As a multifaceted artist, Shatara made her mark in the realm of theatre, showcasing her acting talents in productions by professional institutions such as Cleveland Public Theatre, Talespinner Children's Theatre, Cleveland School of the Arts, and Cleveland State University. Shatara expanded her creative footprint into the world of film. In 2023, she not only wrote and directed but also took on an acting role in her film, "When a Poet Loves," a love story between two poets. The film earned recognition and was screened at the 2023 Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival. Embracing the digital age, Shatara evolved into a content creator on various social media platforms, pioneering what she terms Cinematic Poetry. Her unique approach involves creating poet covers set to various forms of music, seamlessly blending her passion for storytelling and performance poetry. In September 2023, Shatara unveiled her debut poetry album, "THE GOOD GIRLS LOST HEAVEN," a masterful fusion of storytelling and poetry that exemplifies her innovative approach to the art form.


Beyond the stage and screen, Shatara's influence extends to the world of fashion and modeling, having modeled for retail store Xhibition, and collaborating with other local Cleveland brands and photographers. From her high school achievements at the Cleveland School of Arts to her recent triumphs on the global stage, Shatara's journey is a testament to the power of storytelling, poetry, and the unwavering pursuit of artistic excellence. As The Cinematic Poet, she continues to captivate audiences, leaving her unique mark on the world of creative expression.

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