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Calil "JUST C.O.S." Cage is a writer, spoken word poet, facilitator, and youth and family educator. He holds a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from Kent State University. He has written poetry for over ten years and has performed spoken word for the last six. Born in Chicago, IL, and raised in Columbus, OH, he currently resides in Cleveland, OH. His work sheds necessary light on the Black community, trauma resilience, hope, healing, spiritual principles, and more. C.O.S., pronounced “cause”, stands for Collection of Seeds. He sees his words as “just a collection of seeds” planted into the hearts of those who listen. He hopes to continue to honor this moniker and plant seeds of impact in every community he visits. At the start of 2022, JUST C.O.S. founded The Sparrow's Fortune. Locally, he can be seen frequenting poetry lounges and community healing spaces.  Check out his debut book, released in June of 2022, Evolving When Love Has No Reality.

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