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Morgan Paige

Morgan Paige’s poetry is the sum of emotional labor +  the account of constant review of her reflection in the mirror. Her work tossed between present-moment awareness and relationship with self, others and God embodies the depths she is willing to go to seek understanding. In her debut book, As Butterflies Rest: Growing through changes, we get a glimpse of her creative process which documents poetry and journal entries dating between 2012 - 2019. As a spoken word artist, serial entrepreneur, and facilitator Morgan Paige pivots between the three mediums, with each being an integral component of her artistry. The endgame is ultimately being a positive impact that inspires creativity, healing or both in brown people and children. At any moment, you’ll hear the sultry alto and song Morgan Paige echoes through emotions. All stemming from growing up on 90’s r&b and having a passion for performing and singing as a young girl.


Her authorship has birthed two more books after her debut, As Butterflies Rest, titled: A Quarter of my thoughts and Bare: In the flesh co-authored by Calil “Just C.O.S” Cage. Her entrepreneurship has taken her into experience curating, serving as Co-Founder of Poetry Unplugged; a much-appreciated addition to the open mic scene in Cleveland and Managing Director of the Sparrows Fortune. As a spoken word artist, her poetry EP, "A Steward's Heart Volume 1" and album Bare: in the Flesh co-written with Calil “Just C.O.S” Cage can be found on all streaming platforms, including but not limited to, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. At the heart of her artistry is a strong love & dedication to her relationship with God and her daughter, Ava. Her efforts can be followed on Instagram: @morgan.izm, @poetry.unplugged and their website, 

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